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International Mystery: British Readers

It's a mystery: The Pack, The Dare & The Draugar is selling in bookshops in the United Kingdom. And Brits are buying it and reading it -- for themselves or their kids or grandkids. (Thank you!)

So I'm dying to know where. (Can someone say, 'Book Tour' ?)

SO - if you're a reader in the U.K., take a selfie with The Pack at some place recognizably British near you. (Big Ben? Nottingham Forest park sign? The book shop where your mom bought it?) Or someplace Scottish. (Edinburgh Castle? Hadrian's Wall? A Scottish bookstore?)

Post it in the thread on my Facebook page with the photo of the Union Jack just like the one above. I'll PM your mom for your address and personally send you an advance review copy of the next book in the series. The working title is The Crow and the Curse, and tentative release is set for 2022. Expect to see all your favorite characters, plus a few new ones.


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