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"This imaginative fantasy by debut author Hendrix becomes a roller-coaster ride into the supernatural...throughout, Hendrix adds real-world substance to the plot with a framework of the area's folklore, history, geography and ecology...Lively and sometimes surly preteen characters helm this fresh, well-crafted supernatural fantasy."

- Kirkus Reviews
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"A unique and engaging story...readable and entertaining...the combination of realism and supernatural elements allows for...novelty and surprise...The prose is straightforward and easy to follow, making the story accessible to a wide engaging and fun read for middle grade audiences."

- Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize 2021 
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“The story was full of unexpected twists and surprises which kept me turning pages until the end. Apart from the supernatural elements - incantations, wands, and magical creatures (oh my!) - the best part is the friendship evolution. The primary protagonist, Harmony, isn’t immediately the most likable, but gosh is she REAL. It’s also a great book for boys given the female lead, supporting male characters and dangerous creatures.”

- Coco Adventurebooks, July 2021
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"This was a terrific dark upper MG with a fantasy twist on the summer camp theme.

"I love how this book shows this alternate world's magic system, while at the same time exploring themes such as nature & its importance, friendships, & trying discover who you are. The whole idea of the forest & everything that lies within was so facilitating to me. 

"While the author does have some familiar beings like the fae, there are so many other imaginative & creative beings as well. And not just beings, so much imagination & creativity in here period."

Belle's Middle Grade Books Library, July 24, 2022
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Reader Reviews

"I give it five stars."

- Ari A., 12

   Leander, Texas
"T.J. Hendrix interweaves the fantasy world found in the forest with the realism of attending summer camp as seventh graders in a fun read.

I was hooked on the book as soon as the campers met MacUmba, the empathetic camp dog, who serves as camp mascot and greeter. The story only grabbed me more from there."

- Susan
"Mythical and mystical, the book explores magic alongside nature and friendship. Time traveling tree portals, fairy realms, and zombie hell dogs are all introduced to the small group of advanced kids at Camp Coho...It'll be a fun read for the middle grade (elementary age) set!"

 - Gina Marie
"A magical read filled with pivoting plots, unexpected action, and entertaining dialogue...
This clever fantasy story will captivate both girls and boys as the five middle school characters traverse summer camp fun outdoors in the redwoods and focus on the importance of friendship while experiencing unforeseen risk and learning about their own powers. Parents will love it too!"

- Randal Ormond
"A story as enjoyable as the sought-after warmth of a late-night campfire. Much like the main character’s name: “Harmony” — the entire tale is a ‘...pleasing combination of elements...’

Throughout the read, and their unusual adventures, the easy to like group of adolescents matures with almost every page. While initially giving us the age appropriate awkwardness of camp, such as “boys vs. girls,” the story (and team) quickly moved to critical collaboration rather than simple competition.

These special and soon to be “middle-schoolers” learn fast, (as I wish we all could) that often we are better together than ever possibly on our own and alone."

- Steve Bruner
"(I) was immediately drawn into the mystical, magical world! The main character, Harmony, has spunk, grit, and some sass, but her friends and camp counselors keep her grounded. The story is filled with fantastical elements from transforming dogs to magical spells to fairies. Ideal for middle grade portal fantasy lovers!"

- S. Fash
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