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Grab a Treasure Chest Full of Books

I'm in a treasure chest! Well, my book is. "The Pack, The Dare, and the Draugar" is one of 10 books packed into a treasure box that will go to one lucky reader. They'd total $115 if you bought them all.

(That's the treasure part...but of course the books are all worth gold too!)

Enter the online contest by May 20 (2024) to win! Click the button below to get to the entry form. (You do have to be 18, and you do have to be in the U.S.A. Or more specifically, you have to have a U.S. address the books can be mailed to.) The books are all middle grade fiction: #SciFi, #fantasy, #horses, and more. They're full of mighty girls, mouthy girls, clever boys, friends who are boys, friends who are girls, and a variety of animal sidekicks. Check'em out in the video below.

Thanks to "Josh Stone" author S.M. LaDuke for organizing it all!


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