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Of Draugars, Phantom Octopi, and Nostrils

Or, My First Book Reading Ever at The Windsor Author Showcase

Oct. 7, 2023

I had a total blast today meeting Barbara Cottrell and Keli Colombini during the Local Author Showcase read and meet at The Community Shops in Windsor! (California. Sorry, Canadians and Connecticutians. Hope to read for you sometime too!) And I even sold a couple people not in my family!

I write fiction for 9 to 13 year olds. Barbara (center) writes fiction for young adults...high-schoolers on up.

And Keli (bright pink on the right!) writes and illustrates picture books for the early elementary crowd.

It was fun to read one of my chapters and have an entire shop full of adults, high school students, and children go silent to listen. (This was my first-ever reading, because my book came out in 2021, during the pandemic - no live group events allowed!)

It was fun to answer questions. And fun to meet a wonderful 7 year old who wanted to buy my book because readers and reviewers say it reminds them of "The Magic Treehouse" books.

She told me the plot of her favorite MT book. And it was so interesting I have to go buy it now...

My book is "The Pack, The Dare, and The Draugar" and if you squint really hard you can see the Mom's Choice Awards gold seal of excellence on the cover...that's me there on the left.

Find out more at my author website,

On instagram, find us all at @tjmhendrix



(They sell our books there! Thank you Dave Hamelburg!) *Just a note if you've found this through a #cleanteen or #cleanread tag: Barbara Cottrell's books do contain some mildly spicy scenes, I am informed. Her main character is a college girl, and it is set at a college, after all. Her book series is intended for upper high schoolers and college students. And also it's horror. But it looks really good... "Norris" and "The Pack, The Dare, and The Draugar" are just fine for all audiences!

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