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The Pack: The Dare & The Draugar

"This imaginative fantasy by debut author Hendrix becomes a roller-coaster ride into the supernatural...throughout, Hendrix adds real-world substance to the plot with a framework of the area's folklore, history, geography and ecology...Lively and sometimes surly preteen characters helm this fresh, well-crafted supernatural fantasy."

- Kirkus Reviews
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Five soon-to-be seventh graders. One shapeshifting Guardian Hound, monsters, and a mystery that will change one life. Summer Camp just got a lot more interesting.

Harmony O’Rourke's mom has moved them to a new town. Again. Worse, Harmony has been shipped off to an "academic" summer camp in the redwoods. 


But it turns out Camp Coho is a screening tool for a secret magical order looking for the next generation of forest guardians. A late-night adventure lands Harmony and four other campers in training sessions for promising apprentices.


Soon they're studying ancient languages and learning spells for flying, floating and self-defense. Then Harmony’s mother goes missing back home, and it turns out she may not be what she seems.

Harmony and her friends decide to use their new skills to do their own detective work.


Can five soon-to-be-seventh graders untangle the mystery of Harmony's parentage and rescue her missing mother before it's too late?

Adventure, terror, family secrets and ancient powers: it's all waiting for them in the forest.

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"I give it five stars."

-Ari A., 12
Leander, Texas
"A unique and engaging story...readable and entertaining...the combination of realism and supernatural elements allows for...novelty and surprise...The prose is straightforward and easy to follow, making the story accessible to a wide engaging and fun read for middle grade audiences."

- Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize 2021 

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PW BookLife Prize review
"T.J. Hendrix interweaves the fantasy world found in the forest with the realism of attending summer camp as seventh graders in a fun read.

I was hooked on the book as soon as the campers met MacUmba, the empathetic camp dog, who serves as camp mascot and greeter. The story only grabbed me more from there."
- Susan
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